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Peggle Goes To The Casino

Peggle is a PopCap Games developed puzzle video game. It was released for Windows and Mac in 2007. Since its success, it has also been released for various other platforms including Xbox Live, PlayStation, Nintendo DS, the iPod, the iPhone and even Android. The game was inspired by pachinko and each level challenges players to shoot balls at colored pegs in a field.

The game is not limited to just shooting balls at pegs. It is also about clearing out specific pegs and reaching a high score through skill. Peggle Masters can be achieved periodically, offering special powers to help players reach higher scores.

In “Adventure” mode, the game is made up of 55 levels. Each level has different features and pegs. Additionally, as players clear the board, they are advanced to the next board. Every five levels will correspond with a different Peggle Master, allowing players to acquire all ten of the masters, which are cartoon characters designed to help players.

Since the game’s release, there have been over 50 million downloads from the Internet. This is due, in part, to a demonstration specially designed inside The Orange Box by Valve, which is a video game compilation. Half Life 2 and Team Fortress 2 were other games located on the compilation disc.

Peggle has become even more fun with the introduction of Peggle Slots from Jackpotjoy. The online slot machine provides a significant amount of fun through graphics, multiple reels and the ability to win as much a £25,000. There are a total of 50 paylines and players can choose a coin size ranging from 1p to £1.

With each spin, there is the option to achieve an event or enter a bonus round. There is an auto-save feature within Peggle, allowing people to work their way up to becoming a Peggle Master. With each new certificate, there are either free spins, a bonus, a multiplier, or a combination of the three. There are also fun bonuses that can be achieved randomly. This includes Peggle Nights, but is only available after unlocking all ten of the master levels. At this time, people will be asked if they want to switch to this version, which is when Peggle symbols will show up on the reels to activate the Peggle bonus.

The maximum payout in Peggle Slots is £25,000 for one spin. This can be from a single spin or the accumulation of wins within a free spins bonus game.

For everyone who has ever loved the Peggle video game, it has come alive once again in the Jackpotjoy online casino. It’s a fun and addictive game to play, plus it’s not like the standard slot games that every casino has, making it that much more entertaining.